Friday, October 8, 2010

Mrs. Maybe #3

Mrs. Maybe #3, 2010. Heartbreachingly beautiful letterpressed and stapled journal. 

Irony's in my community like a rot; Maybe's loveliest when it's not. Schlegel shines—"In a field carved into flowers / The beautiful become unnerving—"—damn, Rob, damn. Props.

Some author/journal links:
Mrs. Maybe. 
Mrs. Maybe's blog.
Lauren Levin (editor).
Catherine Meng (editor).
Jared Stanley (editor).
Brandon Brown.
Sara Larsen.
Julian T. Brolaski.
Lindsey Bolt.
K. Silem Mohammed.
Rob Schlegel.
CA Conrad.
Judith Goldman.
David Highsmith.
Sara Mumolo.
Nada Gordon.
Jon Davis.
Amber DiPietra.
Dana Ward.

Having just typed that list, I just need to give a brief shout out to the Mrs. Maybe eds. for the awesomeness of that crowd. Well assembled! Maybe is yet another reason we Bay Areans have to brush off our collective shoulders.

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