Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 30 Word Review 30-Word Mission Statement

Because I read a lot, and write too much already. Because 30 words will never be too many. Because much of the best poetry isn’t perfect bound & doesn’t get reviewed.


  1. 30 words can be too many, though. I fondly remember E. V. Griffith, who, once upon a time, published out of California a little poetry mag called *Poetry Now* in which he'd "review" in each issue a few books of poetry by including two or three complete poems framed in a box setting them apart from the issue's contributor's poem. No comments, but name of author and publisher, address of publisher, and, as I recall, price. Not sure about that last. 0 words worked for me.

  2. Somehow just saw yr comment Halvard. Probably the piece of the mission statement I thought about the most, and figured on similar experiences where things 'spoke fr themselves' & etc. Nice when they're able to; maybe this is about the ones that don't get that opportunity?